Thinking Out Loud

Think Clearly. See Straight. Stand. Sit. Jump. High. Low. Yes. No. Not Really. Look Straight Ahead. Turn. Forward. Focus. Point. Pose. Pause. Stop. Smile. Laugh. Judge. Strike. Stand Still. Move! Move. Shut up. Shout. Dance. Think. Win! What? Look up. Step Aside. Skip. Taste. Touch. Smell. Greet. Smile. Create. Laugh. Sing? Yes! Scream! Move. Sway. Swing. Wave. Shape. Circle. Do. Don’t. You? Me? Yours? No. Think. Love. Give. A little. A lot. Measure. Control. No. A lot. Bless. Curse! No. Yell. No. Joy. Rejoyce. Holler. Sing? Yes. Maybe. Die. Death? OK. No. Dying. Aging. Grandma? No. Happy. Smile. Miss you. Thankful. Family. Actuality. Love!


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