Unsatisfactory Father’s Day

I have a father so old and set in his  ways that he only thinks about the past and how unsatified his life turned out to be.

I am just sick and tired to play this role alone to beat it into his head that no matter the disagreements, i will always be grateful that I have a father in my life.

Even growing up as a kid, I always sensed the lack of affection and mistook it for rejection.

Now as an adult and a bit late for that matter I realized, he has always been afraid of being rejected and not loved that he has been guarded.

When will he just wake up and see that just like him, it is hard for us his children to praise him and tell him  how much we love him because we did not grow up that way.

This is nothing original
This is nothing that is new
But please do not call this “girl with daddy issues” topic.

This is frustration that I feel when I think of how many men or fathers who do not want to express their emotions and feelings to others for fear of being  called weak.

But then it does definitely affect the dynamics between family members and relationships between the members and those fathers and men themselves.

All I know now is that I pray that myself if God blesses me with a family, I will ensure that my child or children experience(s) what affection is and grow healthily about it.

To all The Father’s out there, I pray that God give them guidance on how to better parent their kid (s) and be in tuned with what their children interests are and push them to explore and be better.



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